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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Simtex Tablecloth & Virginia Peanuts

A quick post to share my post-Easter table.  I chose this beautiful
floral tablecloth made by Simtex.  I have many Simtex tablecloths
 in my collection, they are one of my favorite makers.  Their products
were high quality and have withstood  the test of time.  

The pattern name is "Symphony".   

I love coming across vintage linen advertisements.  Especially if the ad is
for a tablecloth I have in my collection!  You can see this pattern also
came in a yellow and gray colorway.  My colorway is not pictured, so I
wonder how many colorways it actually came in.  

 Sorry the photo is not clearer but this is the best fix I got.  
I will try to do more posts like this, showing the tablecloth & it's ad.  Fun!

Yes, Virginia is for Lovers, but it is also for growing peanuts!
We have a local peanut plant, and this is one of their stores - Whitley's.
Those are burlap bags of peanuts hanging on the porch.  Their peanuts are the BEST.  
They are huge and crispy, and taste so much better than typical brand grocery
store peanuts.  Their really is no comparison.   

You can walk around the store and sample many
of the flavor varieties.  Salted, hot, sweet, every taste you could want.

They also use the peanuts to make delicious candy.  
Yum!  We never leave empty handed.  

They have this peanut picker from 1953 on display.
The peanut farmers had quite a process to go through.

I hope you get a chance to taste some of the best peanuts ~ Virginia peanuts!

Wishing you a great rest of the week.  Thanks for stopping by.
I love when you come to visit!  🙌

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April Olio

I have a few things to share.  It was time to put
"Spring" and "Easter" on the table. 

This beautiful floral basket and ferns design tablecloth was
one of my first vintage tablecloths.  A charity-thrift store find.
Is it any wonder I got hooked on vintage tablecloths? 

A few Easter decorations go well with the pink flowers and bows.

Here are some of my other "pretty in pink" tablecloths. 
Love the pastels for spring. 

Had some fun at the craft table making Easter cards.

Spring brings on the local sales.  I  also received some
 happy mail!  The adorable tea towel and girl scout teabags.  

The jewelry box, tart tins, clown bank and Kate Greenaway
book are thrift store finds.

More happy mail - the pretty lilac Vera placemats.

The plates are Bordallo Pinheiro, thrift store finds for 50 cents apiece.
 They do have some crazing, but still a great find.   

We're blooming SPRING here, hope you are also, or will be soon.  
 Mr. Retro had a post-op visit yesterday and is doing great, but
the healing will be a long process.  We are both learning the
true meaning of....patience is a virtue.

Thanks for stopping by & have a great pre-Easter week!

Friday, March 31, 2017

It's My Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm old enough to enjoy each birthday rather than dread them.  
Are we not blessed to open our eyes each morning to a new day?

My craft table is cleaned off and ready for me to start playing
with Easter.  The weather here is warming up for spring,
even though today is rainy and stormy.  

Will I hunt for a special tablecloth for my Birthday?
Why yes.  Hubby asked me to find and purchase a tablecloth that
I love since he hasn't been able to go out shopping for me.  

This sweet strawberries and flowers is one I already had,
Lovely on my table for a "spring" look.
I promise I will show off my birthday
tablecloth whenever I find it.  Looking is half the fun.  🎈

Found this sweet hand painted tray
at a thrift store this week.
"April showers bring May flowers"

Thanks for visiting on my special day!