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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mid-Century Modern Simtex Tablescape

I love all my tablecloths, but when I spy a mid-century modern
design tablecloth my heart sings.  I have no reasonable explanation.
I'm just addicted to vintage linens ~  colorful works of art!
This Simtex is my latest addition to my collection.  It is believed by
some to be designed by Russel Wright, but we have not seen a paper tag
or vintage ad which supports that.  I'm okay with that, I love it either way.

I  put this very simple tablescape together  in just a few minutes.

The peacocks are from the 1960's era, and were the first
things I chose.  I Knew they just belonged on this tablecloth!

 Ready to sit and enjoy a nice summer salad with me?

Dinner plates are Russel Wright, Iroquois Casual.
Bread plates are Eva Zeisel, Hallcraft Fantasy.
Enamelware bowl is Catherine Holm.
Who says you can't find fab designer items at the thrift store?

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you enjoyed my simple table.

Lyme Disease update:  I am almost 2 weeks into taking the
antibiotics and believe I am doing better.  Crossing
fingers...time will tell.  Thanks for your support!

What's on your table?

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Friday, July 14, 2017

The Good, the Bad & the vintage tablecloth


The Good!
Our gorgeous Crape Myrtle is in bloom again!

We didn't plant this tree, it was here when we bought our house in 2004.
But we did plant two others because of it's beauty.

If faithfully blooms in July every year,
& continues to bloom into September.

The blooms are gorgeous and I always try to make a bouquet
 for my table, but the tiny blossoms fall off too easily.
However, the outside view is spectacular!

The Bad!  
Aw, a group of sweet Bambi's!   Not so sweet when you consider
they carry the deer tick that causes Lyme Disease.

I found this map online showing the prevalence this year.
Virginia is among the highest.
We live in a rural area and see lots of deer.  Our property is partially
surrounded by woods and scrub.  We have an energetic dog who plays
in the woods and scrub.
(Do you see where this is headed?)
 We make sure he gets his annual Lyme Disease vaccine from the vet.  
He takes a pill that kills a tick if it bites him.  Doyle is all set.  

Unfortunately there is no vaccine for humans.  Last week I found out
 I have contracted Lyme disease.  My doctor started me on a 3 week
 course of antibiotics immediately.  The blood test is two-part, the 1st part
revealing the presence of Lyme disease, and the 2nd part revealing whether
it is a recent infection or not.  Luckily, mine is recent so I pray the 
antibiotics will take care of it.  Some folks suffer with long term disease.

I'm still a little in shock.  My hubby did remove a tick for me, but I had no
 bull's eye rash.  I learned not everyone gets one.  I did have symptoms of
illness, which led me to see my doctor.  Extreme fatigue, muscle and joint 
aches, nausea, headaches... flu type symptoms actually. 

So these hot summer months, heed the tick warning and
be vigilant!

& The vintage tablecloth

Need to finish on a happy note here, and vintage tablecloths always make 
me happy!  Here is my current table.  Manufacturer of this nature
theme tablecloth is unknown.  Love the pink to maroons together. 


Friday, July 7, 2017

Hot July Stuff

I hate to complain about 100 degrees today and feeling
like hades when most of the country is even hotter, but I
really dislike it.  So staying in and keeping cool leads me
to changing my table and sharing a new vintage tablecloth.  

This Asian theme tablecloth is quite a beauty.   The graphics are
so wonderful.  Did you notice the border of teapots and rice bowls?

The bright pastel colors are also amazing.
What is not to like about pink and aqua?

I especially love the girl carrying the flower baskets.  

My vintage tablecloth loving friend Joan sent me this beautiful
 vintage hankie as a thank you.  She is so sweet and generous.  

Looks so lovely on my buffet display.

I met my friend Barbara in a teacup exchange swap last year.
Barbara likes to sew so I recently sent her a few "cutter" linens.
She made me these adorable hot pads from a piece of  yellowed tea
 towel fabric. Just love them.  I don't know how she got the fabric
 so clean.  Another linen miracle! πŸ˜‡

Our garden is not doing well this year, but had enough 
cucumbers and tomatoes to make a refreshing summer salad today.  

Today is a good day to stay inside, enjoy the AC and play with
tablecloths.  Actually, any day is a good day for that.
This is an old photo, but I still love seeing it.

Finally, I got my craft table cleaned off and turned it into my
painting space.  

Expect me to be regaling you with more Pam Picasso's soon.

Stay in the shade my friends!